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Aligned and Undefined supports individuals in building a strong, enriching foundation to reconnect to their inner wilderness. When you reconnect with your inner wilderness, you feel more secure in your body. You feel more confident in making the decisions that are right for you. By reconnecting to your inner wilderness, you are able to build your self-trust, which creates a ripple effect both internally and externally - the more you nurture your inner wilderness, the more you effortlessly co-create a better world around you. In order to reconnect to your inner wilderness, you must undefine yourself from all the beliefs that are holding you back. You must be willing to delve deep into your unknown and see what's there. the Akashic Records, with support from Human Design, is a useful modality on this journey.

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"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

- Joseph Campbell

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are your soul's history. Think of it as an energetic library; you cannot see it, but when you enter it, you have access to every experience your soul has experienced in this lifetime and others. The Akashic Records can be used to access and heal trauma from this lifetime and others. It can also be used to receive guidance for the future. Your Records will only ever share with you what you are ready and able to receive. Typically, one enters the Akashic Records using a specific prayer. Britta uses a personal prayer that she channeled from her own records. Everything has an Akashic Record, from humans, to animals, to businesses, to the very space you are reading this in. While in your records, Britta may channel light language - a high consciousness sound frequency that can provide deep healing.


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What is Human Design?

Originally channeled by Ra Uru Hu in the 1980s, Human Design is your energetic blueprint. Providing your birth details (date, time, and location) to a Human Design chart generator will bring up your unique chart, based on the situation of the planets at the time of your birth, as well as 88 days before your birth. Rooted in the ancient system of the I Ching, the Kaballah, as well as Vedic Philosophy, Human Design is a fabulous tool to use, alongside other modalities, to understand how your energy works, where to find consistencies and inconsistencies in how your energy flows, and how you are best designed to make decisions. Britta also utilizes language specific to The Gene Keys, a system channeled by Richard Rudd, a former student of Ra. The Gene Keys are a comprehensive set of knowledge that goes deeper into specific elements of The Human Design chart. Some of The Gene Keys language can be very supportive for unpacking a Human Design chart with greater depth and nuance. 

Britta offers Human Design unpacks exclusively through Emma Dunwoody. Pressing "Book Here" will bring you to an external booking page on Emma's website.

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Why Human Design and the Akashic Records Together?

Britta has synthesized these two modalities to create an enhanced healing session. She has found that having knowledge of Human Design prior to entering the Akashic Records can bring a deeper sense of grounding and self trust while receiving Akashic Insights. Furthermore, having knowledge of your Human Design prior to  entering the Records can bring potent insights into why certain energies are in your chart, as well as specific work you can do to bring the gifts of your design into fruition. In the 90 minute session, you will spend 30 minutes looking at your Human Design chart and 1 hour in the Akashic Records. In the 2 hour session, you will spend 1 hour looking at your Human Design Chart and 1 hour in the Akashic Records. 


The 90 minute session is not for beginners. You should have a basic understanding of your type, strategy, authority, and centers prior to experiencing this session, as you will not be able to fully appreciate the insights brought forward without a basic understanding of the Human Design system. If you are a beginner Human Design student who is interested in a Combined Session, please book a 2 hour session to ensure we have adequate time to go over your Human Design together before entering the Records. 

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Commit to a Deeper Experience with Bundled Sessions

Are you ready to go deep? 3 Session and 6 Session Bundles offer you an experience to meet with Britta for an extended time to build an incredibly strong foundation in chartering your inner wilderness with a deeper confidence and poise. Britta's Akashic Records Sessions and 90 minute Combined Akashic Records-Human Design Sessions are offered here. If you're ready to truly commit to your personal development and enter deeply into your inner wilderness, these bundled sessions are for you. 


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