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Alignment requires cleverness, like a fox
Sparkling Lights


Hi there! I'm Britta, the founder of Aligned and Undefined. I spent much of my 20s feeling disconnected and lonely, without quite realizing it. When the COVID pandemic hit in early 2020, I was forced to sit with myself and the world I created for myself, and I did not like what I saw. Over a 3 year period that coincided with my Saturn Return, I slowly reclaimed my life. 

Finding Human Design was the catalyst for me. Learning that I was a Reflector changed my life and was a balm to my soul. As I slowly made my way into the Human Design material, I also discovered the Akashic Records - a tool that immediately piqued my interest. When I first entered my Akashic Records in March of 2023, I was astounded by what I was able to learn and heal about myself. Through accessing my own Records and the Records of friends, I also began to see how my knowledge of Human Design often informed what I was channeling in the Records. Though not necessary for accessing the Records, I began to see that using Human Design alongside the Records was like icing on the cake of self understanding. The deep nuance I was able to take from being in someone's Records with a knowledge of their Human Design was so enriching. The story I was able to tell them felt even more meaningful when using these modalities together. Furthermore, I also began to see how having a knowledge of Human Design before entering the Records gives people a deeper sense of trust in themselves and the messages coming through for them in the Records - our Records are an extension of ourselves, and the more we trust ourselves with the support of Human Design, the more we can trust the quality of our Akashic messages. 


As I prepared to leave my classroom teaching job in June 2023, I became intrigued by how I could put these two modalities together. Thus, Aligned and Undefined was born. A nod to my Reflector nature (Reflector's are completely undefined in their Human Design Chart), the name also came from a deep understanding within me that, to reconnect with the deep self trust that is within all of us, we must undefine ourselves from unsustainable beliefs that no longer serve us. We must be willing to dive deep into our inner wilderness and bring awareness to what is there. 

I invite you to allow me to journey with you back into your own inner wilderness. Through The Akashic Records, Human Design, and my own unique Reflector guidance, I will support you in seeing that, with a strong and grounded foundation, some patience, and a dose of courage, you can enter the vast wilderness of your being and come out on the other end feeling calmer, more self trusting, and with a greater sense of enrichment regarding your place in this world.   

Fox totem sits with us along the way to remind us to stay clever - the Akashic Records and Human Design are excellent guidance but, at the end of the day, you are responsible for cleverly crafting your life in alignment with you!

Alignment is freedom - founder Britta Buchanan
Aligned and Undefined Celebration


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