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Why Book an Akashic Records Reading?

So, you've heard the term Akashic Records. Maybe you've seen it for the first time on my website or Instagram page. Or maybe it's been floating around your circle for a while. Perhaps you're curious about what The Akashic Records can do for you.

From my experience, it is this curiosity that is the first indicator that an Akashic Records reading is for you. This was very much my experience - I first heard the term Akashic Records on one of my favorite podcasts. A lady came on talking about a book she was releasing related to the Records. She talked about how the Akashic Records are your energetic library. That they hold the experiences of everything that has ever happened to you in this lifetime and past lifetimes, as well as possibilities for future timelines. She said that the Records are loving and kind and only tell you what you are ready and able to hear. She talked about how you could access past lives and heal trauma with the help of the Records. It all sounded completely ridiculous to my logical mind, but but my heart and soul felt curious. Excited. I wanted to learn more.

It would be a few months before I got my first Akashic Record reading. And a number of months after that when I first went into my own Records. I was deepening my intuition, though, and prior to my own experiences in the Akashic Records, I was gaining glimpses into past lives. Going into my Records gave me fuller pictures of these past lives, as well as suggestions for actionable steps that I could take to heal trauma from these lifetimes.

Suddenly, fears I had in this life time that made no logical sense in the context of this life time made complete sense. A lifelong fear of authority, for instance. Dreams I had as a small child about being taken by the police for no reason, which left me terrified of the police. I have had a handful of lifetimes where I was taken into police custody for witchcraft. This also explains why I have had such fear in this life time around being honest with people about my desire to make a career around my Human Design and Akashic Records knowledge. The witch wound of being executed for pursuing healing modalities that others judged as harmful had seeped into this lifetime. In another lifetime, I was a Holocaust victim, further entrenching that fear of authority and being taken by the police into my psyche. It also offered an explanation for my fascination with the Holocaust starting in elementary school. Honestly, what child has a fascination with the Holocaust? I did! Me, me me! The apparent bizarreness of this childhood fascination made complete sense knowing that I had a deep, unconscious soul memory of being witness to this in a past life. To this day, I have a steady supply of books on my to read list about Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust.

Akashic Records, your invisible energetic library up in the ether
The Akashic Records are invisible, but I like to imagine them being up there in the ether ready to open be opened whenever there is a call

The Akashic Records haven't just helped me learn about and transmute past life trauma. They've given me guidance for the future. They've helped me understand that we live in a quantum reality, and that I can co-create my future with the universe. That the glimpses of the future that I see in my Records aren't a guarantee - they are one possibility, and that these possibilities shift and change as I learn a grow. They have given me confirmation about deep intuitions I've had about myself and my life path. My Akashic Records have also given me practical advice for day-to-day encounters, as well as opportunities to learn painful, yet important lessons so I can transmute past trauma.

Perhaps all of this seems ridiculous to you. Past lives? Quantum Reality? Co-creating with the universe? Give me a break, you may be thinking. Or, perhaps, you don't find any of this ridiculous, but rather sense a deep feeling of discomfort around what may come up in the Records. In either case, you likely aren't ready to enter the Records, and that is okay. However, if anything you've read above sparks your interest, makes you feel inspired, and has you wanting to learn more - it may be time.

If it is time for you, I am happy to guide you through a journey in your records. Book below!


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