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A Reflector Entrepreneur: Beginnings

Day 3 on the alien planet - a.k.a having a live website where I offer my services to the world. So far, I've had no bookings and part of me can't help feel panicky. What have I done with myself, putting my life at the whims of this business?

Yet, I also know that this is part of the journey. That, in fact, it is my choice to put my life at the whims of anything, and I can always switch gears when I need to. I take full responsibility for my experience in the world and how it pans out. I choose.

And you know what I choose today? To add a blog to Aligned and Undefined. I had a blog for almost a decade on Wordpress that I haven't attended to much in the last few years. I started it in my early twenties and so much of that person didn't resonate with me anymore. It felt like a chore to keep up. I decided to let the domain expire on August 21, the same day I launched Aligned and Undefined to the world.

Last night, I had this beautiful insight - why not start a new blog here? Documenting my journey as an entrepreneur. A Reflector Entrepreneur. What does being a Reflector Entrepreneur look like? Granted, I know I'm not the first Reflector out there to choose Entrepreneurship. But I also know my journey isn't going to look the same as anyone out there. I also know that there is a deep nuance out there to being a Reflector that even the best Human Design teachers can't quite grasp. After spending time in numerous Reflector Facebook groups, I know that Reflector's have different opinions about what a Reflector is and how a Reflector should operate...and this makes sense. When each unique Reflector is going to be affected by the current transits and their own environment in completely different ways, let alone the nuances of their own Reflector chart, it makes sense that us completely undefined beings wouldn't always agree on who we are. When we reflect our environments at such a deeply unconscious level, we are naturally going to have different opinions on the world around us, including what it means to be a Reflector. I have watched my own opinions on my Reflectorness and the broader world shift and change over the last year as I moved out of a job that wasn't aligned to my true nature in order to embrace a way of life that is more supportive to me.

And what is a Reflector anyway? Perhaps I've lost you in the above paragraphs, because you aren't familiar with Human Design at all. If you're completely new to Human Design and are still with me, my apologies. Let me explain, starting with a picture of my Human Design Chart:

Reflector Human Design Chart, pulled from

My Human Design Chart for your reference, from Genetic Matrix

If you've never seen a Human Design chart before, this may seem overwhelming. For the sake of simplicity, we are only going to focus on the shapes inside the person shaped image for the purposes of this post. There are 9 of them: squares, triangles, a diamond. These are called centers in Human Design. In my chart, they are all white, which is what makes me a Reflector. Most people have at least two, if not more, centers colored in. A colored in center means you have consistent energy in that area. A white center means you have inconsistent energy in that area. Because all of my centers are white, I have no consistent energy in my being. I rely on the transits and other people to give me energy. This is what makes being being a Reflector so unique. How do you function in western society without consistent energy? You either become really good at leeching energy from other people with consistent energy (been there, done that, it's exhausting) or you find a new way.

I am choosing to find a new way, as a Reflector Entrepreneur. What is that going to look like? I have no idea. I do know that blogging feels really good for me. Really good. I've forgotten how good it feels for me. I'll continue to update this space as I feel inspired and called. Perhaps not consistently (probably not consistently with no consistent and reliable energy source within me). Yet, I trust this blogging journey will be supportive to me.

Join me if you please! And book a session with me if you feel called.


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